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Month: June 2014

One Amazing Woman Runs The Entire Social Media Presence For The Grammy Awards. Watch Her In All Her Awesomeness.

Who would think a major player like The Grammy Awards would trust their entire social media presence to one woman. Well, she’s not just any woman. Her name s Lindsay Gabler and you will fall head over heads for her as fast as we have! She manages all social media channels for The Grammy’s and she’s a woman after our own hearts. She will be live tweeting, sharing, tumbling all day starting at 9am on Grammy Morning. Dear Lindsay if you ever need a job don’t hesitate to call us!

Watch This Intro For The Game Of Social Media Thrones

Game of Thrones buffs and social media geeks like us will love this video. It’s a parody of the intro to HBO’s “The Game Of Thrones” using social media giants instead of kingdoms. The music they chose is a bit lacking, however the concept of this parody is very cool. Hat tip to HootSuite for creating this gem.

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Finally A Solution For People Who Spend Too Much Time Starting At Their Phones – Hilarious!

We all know “those people.” Heck, some of us may be one of “those people” from time to time. People who stare at Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram instead of interacting with the real world. Finally, Coca-cola has developed a solution. It’s called The Social Media Guard, and it will make you laugh.

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