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Checking In in Social Media

What It Is

Checking in is an activity pioneered by location-based social media sites and their GPS-enabled smartphone apps. The biggest location-based site/app is Foursquare, followed by Loopt; once these sites became popular, Facebook and Yelp added check-in functionality as well. Twitter added a similar ability to add a location to a user’s tweets. Users look for businesses or other locations near them, then “check in” to let other users know they are there. Foursquare users can also earn badges for the places and frequency with which they check in, including “mayorships” of individual locations.

What It Does

For businesses, the value of location-based marketing is in reaching customers who are in immediate proximity and can visit now. Promotions mostly consist of advertising specials to users who check in at or near the business. Some specials may also be unlocked based on the number of check-ins. On Foursquare, some business specials are only available to users who are “mayor” of that location, a designation unique to Foursquare. Many of the location-based sites also allow users to comment on, rate, upload photos of or write reviews of the locations which means businesses should monitor them to ensure the accuracy of the information in the business listing and respond to comments as needed.

What To Use It With

• Facebook
• Twitter
• Yelp & Ratings Sites 
• Foursquare & Location-Based Sites