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Commenting in Social Media

What It Is

Commenting is one of the most common and widespread ways users can interact on social media sites. Every major channel provides a way for visitors to share their thoughts and opinions on a blog post, photo, video, review, check-in or status update.

What It Does

If everyone’s a critic, then online comments are the platform. For a business owner, commenting as a part of your social media strategy is important for several reasons. On a company blog, they provide current and potential customers with the opportunity to have a conversation with you about topics related to your (or their) industry; a blog with robust commenting then becomes an engaged community. When you comment on another blog’s post, or another person’s photo on Flickr, or answer a question on LinkedIn —on a relevant topic—you demonstrate your expertise, give potential customers another opportunity to discover you, and create a link back to your own blog or website which builds referral traffic and helps with search engine optimization (SEO).

Commenting also gives businesses a way to thank a commenter for a positive reaction, or to respond and minimize a negative comment. In this way, it can be not just social media marketing, but community and online reputation management as well.

What To Use It With

• Blogging
• Facebook
• Flickr
• LinkedIn
• Twitter
• Yelp and other ratings sites
• YouTube videos

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