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Customer Service in Social Media

Providing Customer Service in Social Media

What It Is

Customer service is any interaction with your existing or potential customers that forms an impression of your business. Sound daunting? It can be. Or it can be the most natural thing in the world – if your goal is to create an impression of your business that matches who you are.

What It Does

The keys to “getting it right” in social media are transparency and authenticity – two words you’ll see a lot. What it really means is hiring people who match your values and letting them be who they are. Some companies have done this exceptionally well and excelled in social media. (See How to Use It for some examples of “best in show.”)

What To Use It With

Any time you are interacting with your customers or potential customers, it is customer service. In social media, purchasing decisions are often made from how you treat other customers and especially how you correct mistakes. This is why responding publicly is so important – even if it is just to let the poster know that you are attempting to reach them by phone or by email.

If you have limited time and resources, it’s best to choose the channels that you can monitor and engage in conversation there rather than have a presence everywhere that you don’t monitor. Nothing is more frustrating to customers or potential customers than unanswered questions or complaints.

How To Use It

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