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Rating & Reviewing in Social Media

Rating & Reviewing in Social Media

What It Is

Rating allows an individual social media site user to indicate how much he or she liked or disliked an individual piece of content, such as a video on YouTube or a hotel listing on TripAdvisor. Some ratings are on a scale, such as 1 to 5 stars, while others are simply thumbs up or thumbs down, as on a YouTube video. Ratings functionality is often found alongside reviewing, such as on Yelp. Reviewing allows social media site users to add their own version of a critic’s review of a restaurant, hotel, bookstore, or other business.

What It Does

If your business’s content is rated and/or reviewed highly, this provides social proof to customers of its value. Some sites also allow users to filter listings based on ratings. Reviews are user-generated marketing for your business and are especially important to monitor and manage as they directly contribute to its reputation and perception.

What To Use It With

Yelp and other ratings sites
YouTube videos
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