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Google Maps Optimization/ Local SEO

Sometimes the Best Things are Right in Front of You

Google has given local businesses a gift, and it’s called Google Maps. Google maps and local SEO give your website a chance to be seen by people who are searching for whatever you’re selling in your area. After all, you have an advantage over most other businesses online: you are right down the street from potential customers, while they are not! Even small businesses can become relevant again and compete with big chains that have big budgets and generous shipping offers…geography is on your side and optimizing in Google Maps makes it happen.

Tap into your neighborhood and you’ll find new customers …they’re right there in front of you, and by letting Powerup Social do a little Local SEO, you’ll be right there in front of them!

Risk-Free SEO!

But why is Google Maps a gift? Because this is the chance for your website to get instant traffic from Google without having to use SEO techniques that will get your site penalized. All you need is a real, brick & mortar business and a little help from Powerup Social. Your website will be mixed in with the general search engine results and you can capture a market that’s near you. It’s totally safe, and risk-free.

Local SEO for All the Search Engines

As Google does, so do Yahoo and Bing…all the major search engines now funnel locally-ranked websites into search results, meaning if you don’t have local business pages with each engine, you’re missing out. Those business pages must be properly developed and managed…and if you’re also conducting a successful Social Media Marketing campaign, that’s a whole lot to keep going.

We’ll develop local business pages for you, claim existing citations, and keep an eye on the reviews that show up on your Google Maps results. (Any negative reviews can be turned into something positive if they’re responded to in a thoughtful way, by the way).

Reputation/Brand Management

What do people think of you?

Your business and your employees have online reputations which just can’t be ignored. That’s right: just like back in high school, success hinges on other people’s opinions. You may have the best product and lots of happy customers, but one bad review can grow into a undeservedly poor online image if you’re not careful. Bad news travels fast and spreads like gossip, whereas good news is often left unsaid.

Fortunately, unlike high school there are things you can do to control your online reputation…in a professional manner. We can not only help you contain a negative event and fix it, but also begin to culture the “good things” being said about you.

Whatever’s being said online about your company, good or bad, you can’t ignore it.

But reputation management isn’t all about controlling negativity . It’s also brand management, which is to say it’s a proactive process. After all, what’s the best way to manage a negative opinion and prevent future ones from developing? Put something better out there and prove them wrong. Brand management is about showing your true colors to the online community.

What can Powerup Social do for your online image?

The internet is now an interactive place. There are countless ways for the public to make an impact on your reputation:

  • every Tweet
  • every customer review
  • every mention on Facebook
  • every comment on a blog
  • every forum

…is an opportunity for the online community to alter your company’s image, whether or not it’s based on fact.

It’s a mind-boggling amount of data from a growing body of sources- companies like Yelp, Trip Adviser, Angie’s List and more continue to sprout up…how do you know what’s being said about your company, much less manage it? That’s easy: we do it for you so you can concentrate on your core business.

  • Find out what positive things are being said about your company and instead of merely noticing and feeling good about it, we’ll nurture this activity by engaging these happy customers and fostering more love
  • We make sure the right people are seeing your website, talking about it and then we’ll monitor it all so you can learn from it and make your business even better.
  • We’ll even keep track of your competitors and make sure your voice is heard across the internet.


Pay Per Click Marketing

We Can Make PPC Affordable

Some people think that in order to start a Pay Per Click Marketing campaign, you gotta be willing to lose a lot of money. That’s simply not true, if you let Powerup Social manage your campaign for you. Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing means you deliver your message exactly where you want to to be…in front of people who search for what you have to offer. Of course it comes with a price…you pay for those clicks.

Don’t Do This Alone

That means a well-managed PPC strategy is vital to the success of your marketing campaign. We’ll jump right into the PPC game and expertly manage your campaign with efficiency and expediency so you don’t blow your advertising budget. We do this by custom designing your PPC campaign according to thoroughly researched keywords to pinpoint the perfect audience for your ads…ones that will click and buy.

We Get Results But We Don’t Stop There

What works in PPC one day may not work the next. If you’re not tweaking all the time, your ROI will suffer. We perform all kinds of tests & analysis on your PPC campaign so it stays effective. We’ll split test your clicks over and over so your ads get maximum results every single time. We will obsess over your PPC campaign because that’s actually what it takes to be successful.

Customers, Not Just Clicks

Remember, you don’t merely want clicks…you want clicks that lead to customers. A dedicated PPC consultant will get in there are really analyze your PPC campaign and find out what types of ads bring actual paying customers to your website. We’ll work to get you more customers for less ad money. The last thing you want is to be paying for clicks from browsers who have no intention of buying a thing.


Social Media Marketing

Don’t be an Ostrich

If you’ve ignored the fast-moving train of Social Media up until now, don’t fret: we can help you catch up and hop on. In fact, we specialize in pulling ostrich heads out of the sand, lifting them up and introducing them to a new world where their business is present on social media channels such as Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Right now, the businesses that aren’t represented by Social Media are indeed just like ostriches with their heads buried in the sand. Remember way back in the day when the internet was new? Business owners doubted the importance of an online presence. We all know how that turned out…some of them are out of business now. Well it’s the same end result for businesses who doubt the importance of the Social Media.

To be competitive, businesses must use the power of social media to leverage their message across the internet.

Powerup Social Will Improve Your Website’s Social Life

How does Powerup Social do this? Take a look…

  • We’ll create a complete Social presence using the most favored platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin.
  • We’ll employ a blog posting campaign that adds value to your Social Media offerings.
  • We’ll connect your blog so it automatically posts to your Facebook page- so easy!
  • We’ll prepare a streamlined package that allows you to control your social media quickly and easily.

Successful social media marketing campaigns require daily upkeep- updating all your channels, sharing, commenting, responding…we’ll show you how to take control via your smartphone, too. Welcome to the 21st century!

Is Anybody Listening? They Will Be!

Your business may be socially invisible now, but after your custom social media strategy starts to take effect, you’ll enjoy all the attention your business will begin to receive. Our job will be to watch all the buzz we generate and study it. That’s right: we’ll analyze the response your media strategy generates and use it to make your campaign even stronger. Imagine…you’ll go from head in the sand to life of the beach party.

Once the ball gets rolling, we’ll show you how to keep the party going. If there’s one thing about Social Media which everyone can agree on, it’s that it can easily use up all your time. The idea is to get results from your campaign efficiently …that means making smart decisions and letting us help you get maximum results without spending all your time on it. At Powerup Social, it’s our specialty.

White Hat SEO

What do the major Search Engines think of your website? Google and others show their approval by ranking your site high in the search results and likewise, you can disappear from search results if they decide you’ve broken the rules of SEO.

Powerup Social doesn’t break the rules…that’s because we practice White Hat SEO. We use Best Practices that ensure Google, Yahoo, Bing and the others will view your website as a wonderful thing.

Why Powerup Social Uses White Hat SEO

Just in case you’re worried about “underhanded” techniques you’ve heard about involving doing tricky things to get a website to rank, take a look at how we describe our White Hat SEO service:

  • safe
  • ethical
  • conservative
  • use of best practices
  • effective

You got it: totally above-board stuff here. We do it this way in order to to avoid penalties and to ensure lasting rankings of your site. After all, if your business doesn’t do well in the rankings, our business doesn’t do well!

We’re Not Looking for One-Time Hits

We’re not interested in using “questionable” techniques (a.k.a. “Black Hat SEO”) for a one-time win in the search results. We want high rankings and we want them to last. Like a rock band that wants to avoid becoming a one-hit-wonder and issue top-of-the-chart hits year after year, we look for ongoing success for your website. We want your website to be like the Rolling Stones, persevering into eternity and beyond…

your businesses isn’t a one-hit-wonder, so why should your website be one?

By employing Best Practices in SEO, we’re aiming to make your site an online success for the long term. How do we know what Best Practices are? We do all this and more:

  • conduct research…constantly
  • stay current on industry trends
  • use our experience
  • and…listen to what Google says. Google decides what’s right and wrong…they dictate morality on the internet so we have to pay attention to what they say, and optimize accordingly.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is the art of turning browsers on your website into customers. You can drive traffic to your site but if your site’s not designed properly they’ll click away immediately. It’s kind of like sending out invitations to a party and then hiding in your bedroom when everyone shows up. Your guests will knock on your door and then just leave. You definitely don’t want your website’s visitors to just leave.

Powerup Social knows how to make visitors stay on your site once they’ve arrived, and then do what you want them to do…like buy something or sign up for an email, for example.

Throw the Best Party…

We know why visitors abandon websites and we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen with your visitors…you invited them there, so why not make sure they stick around once they land? If you throw a good party, your guests will stay.

What’s Your Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate is the percentage of people who take some positive action, like buying something or giving you their email. It’s an old retail concept: brick & mortar retailers have been concerned with conversion rates forever: how many visitors to their store actually buy something after walking in?

Powerup Social will take your website and make it perform better than before. Your landing page is our main focus since we want to draw in your visitors the second they arrive. Your website should capture their attention and then convince them to take action. Powerup Social can make that more likely to happen through Conversion Rate Optimization.

How Does That Work, Exactly?

It’s not just about website design…it’s much more than that. Conversion Rate Optimization involves expertise and some hefty doses of analysis… we’ll need to first find out everything we can about all your visitors. That includes the ones who bounce away plus the ones who stay for a while plus the ones who take action.

You see, we already know what usually makes visitors bounce away from a website. We also know what makes them stay and what makes them take action. We take the analysis of your traffic, run it through our experience mill, and come up with a complete, customized strategy to raise your conversion rate. If you want to improve your rate, then contact us and we can get this party started.