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Sharing in Social Media

Sharing in Social Media

What It Is

Sharing is the essence of social media. The primary purpose of all social media channels is to share something—random thoughts, opinions, news, deals, photos, advice, etc. When you’re using social media for business, the key is not only to share your own content, but to get your customers and followers to share it to their personal network of friends.

What It Does

Simply put, sharing instantly pushes content out to your network of friends and followers. In terms of social media marketing for businesses, the possibilities are endless as to what you could share. In the retail and hospitality industries, it’s common to see businesses sharing special discounts, exclusive deals, or information about upcoming sales or promotions. You can also benefit from sharing visual assets. Realtors can share photos of houses on the market via Flickr, for example. Service-based businesses also frequently share informational content and quick tips to help their customers. They also often share answers to customer questions (often on Twitter).

For businesses who want a compelling social media marketing program, it’s essential to share the right amount and the right type of information. Everything you share has to have real value for your audience. It’s fine to share items new services or industry awards once in a while, but too much self-promotional sharing is a big no-no. If you share things that your audience will care about, you’ll have a better chance that they will respond, and better yet, share it out as well.

What To Use It With

• Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Blogs
• Flickr
• Foursquare

Social Media Pyramid

Your Recommended Allowance of Social Media

Consult the Social Media Pyramid to find out which social media channels you should be using, and how much time you should be spending on each.