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Social Media Pyramid

Getting a handle on which social media channels to use for business, when and how often can be as daunting as trying to eat a balanced diet. But just like eating right, social media management is a matter of balance. Some channels are basics to build into any business’s marketing efforts; others are either specialized or take a lot more effort (or both), so it’s OK to use them sparingly.

Our Social Media Pyramid™ helps you picture that balance of effort and tools so you can quickly get started promoting your business. Once you’re using the whole Pyramid you can expect to spend about 3-5 hours a week.

And to stick with your new social media “diet,” download and print out our handy checklist of channels and servings to take with you or hang on your whiteboard.


Bottom Level

Facebook and Twitter are building blocks, basic channels that work for every type of business. Because they’re easy to use, start your campaigns here with 5-7 10-minute servings weekly.

Level 2

Round out your social media diet with LinkedIn and blogging. These efforts are a little more involved; we recommend 3-5 servings weekly of at least 10 minutes each.

Level 3

Add flavor with Flickr. Photos add rich visual interest and give customers another way to find you, especially for businesses where image matters. Since photos aren’t appropriate for everyone, and can take more time to manage, start with 1-3 servings weekly of 10 minutes each.

Top of Pyramid

Finally, sweeten the pot with YouTube. Video requires the most effort of all these channels, but the rewards can be proportionate. Use sparingly—think weekly or monthly–and plan accordingly.


Just as vitamins can boost your daily diet, these supplements can add some extra oomph to your efforts. Because location-based and ratings sites are so specialized, they’re not for everyone, but for relevant types of businesses—think service-based retailers or dining and hospitality—they can be indispensable.

Special Treats

In addition to the parts of the Social Media Diet you see here, new channels are popping up all the time (Pinterest, anyone?). Start by treating them like, well, treats. Use them in small doses at first to see how they work for your business. If they’re successful, move them into your personal Social Media Pyramid at a level that makes sense for you.

Social Media Pyramid

Your Recommended Allowance of Social Media

Consult the Social Media Pyramid to find out which social media channels you should be using, and how much time you should be spending on each.