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Offer a reason to become part of your online community – incentives or exclusive offers are a great way to build your audience.
Respond back to people who take the time to post on your Facebook Page
Ask open-ended questions on your Facebook Page to encourage discussion and interaction among your community

Use Twitter search tools to find people using words related to your business and respond back to them.
You don’t have to follow everyone back on Twitter – click through and make sure it’s a real person with something interesting to say.
Use one or two hashtags on Twitter when appropriate – too many can make you look spammy instead of engaging
Make your tweets more easily retweeted by only using 120 characters – this allows other users to add a comment and give you credit.

Encourage all employees to fill out LinkedIn profiles and add a link to the company website.
Join relevant groups for your industry on LinkedIn and participate in the discussion. You don’t have to market – just your expertise is enough to get noticed.
Answer questions in the Answers section of LinkedIn; be sure to mix links to your own blog posts or site content with links to other resources so your answers don’t seem purely self-promotional. And if you can’t answer a question, suggest an expert from your own network who can. You’ll seem helpful and they’ll appreciate your recommendation.
Become an administrator of your company’s LinkedIn profile and update it for accuracy.

Create an editorial calendar for your blog so you’re not constantly wondering what to write about.
Don’t automatically delete negative comments – it may be able to turn their experience around with constructive engagement.
Let your style and voice come through on your blog – it should sound like a person not a corporate brochure.

Search other Flickr users’ photostreams for pictures of your business or area and comment or favorite them.
Tag your photos on Flickr with all relevant keywords to your business and what’s going on with the photo – make it easy to find.
Add your photos on Flickr to relevant groups – this allows more people to see your photos, and there are groups for everything.

Practice makes perfect when creating videos for YouTube – don’t plan on using your first version.
Make your video in response to other popular YouTube videos on the same topic.
Planning and production of your YouTube video (writing & editing) will take much longer than the actual recording – plan your schedule accordingly
Yelp & Rating Sites

Check Yelp and other ratings sites and respond when visitors have a negative experience.
Verify that all rating sites have the same version of your street address – it affects how you show up in search engines for local search.
Monitor your business’s stats in your Yelp for Business Owners dashboard. Are there days of the week that are more heavily visited? Consider offering specials based on this information; you can reward loyal visitors during busy days or drive traffic during slower ones.
Foursquare & Location-Based Sites

Offer specials to visitors who check-in on Foursquare and other location based sites.
Claim your business on Foursquare, Yelp and Facebook and make sure the information is accurate.
Add photos to your business listing and encourage your customers to do so, too.
Let a customer be your Foursquare mayor, not an employee.

Create Circles for your topics of expertise and share content to these targeted groups
Business Pages can’t follow individual users until they’re followed first; interact with key users to encourage them to Circle your page first
Cross-post images and videos from Flickr and YouTube to encourage resharing
Social Media Pyramid

Your Recommended Allowance of Social Media

Consult the Social Media Pyramid to find out which social media channels you should be using, and how much time you should be spending on each.